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We love to see how Americana and Farmhouse decorating styles have become so popular these days. And for good reason, too. We especially like old barns so we collected some of our favorites here, all available as barn art prints on canvas, metal, photo gift items,  and more. 

Even if you didn’t grow up in the country (and maybe especially if you didn’t), there’s something about a farm setting that just makes people feel better.

The galleries below are organized into horizontal and vertical images of barns in various settings, including snowy scenes, farm scenes, and more.

Learn more about the history and preservation of old barns in America.

I am always humbled by the infinite ingenuity of the Lord, who can make a red barn cast a blue shadow.

E.B. White

Barn Art Prints, Horizontal

It’s always good to have

All of the photos on this site are available as fine art photography prints. Please note that when purchasing barn art prints from this page you will have several options during checkout regarding your final product. In addition, you may crop images to enable square, rectangular or panoramic prints should you wish to do so.

Ordering options include the following (and more):

Canvas: traditional, stretched, flat mounted or thin wrap

Metal: specially coated aluminum sheet which provides striking detail and durability

Wood: certified sustainable maple for a natural “canvas”

Paper Prints: Standard and specialty sizes (square, panoramic, etc.)

Keepsakes: stickers, mousepads, ceramic tiles, coasters, puzzles, mugs and more

Phone cases: Barn art prints (and other images throughout this site) can also be printed on iphone and android phone cases

Finishes available include glossy, lustre, metallic, and matte

Purchase specific products and images by following (clicking) the “buy photos” buttons anywhere on this page. You will be able to complete your purchase after selecting options.

Barn Art Prints, Vertical

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