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Our Story

We love the fresh air.

The landscape.

The sunshine.

The water.

The art of life-

God’s art.









Our Methods

Our favorite day starts with a 3:30 am wake up call so we can trek to the mountains, the water, the woods- before sunrise- just in time to shake off the sleep, wake up the cameras, and wait for beautiful moments to present themselves.

We work together through our shared and differing interests and talents- a good eye, love for fine art landscape photography, technical savvy for settings, exposures, and all things camera art- and in the moments when the work, the scene, the instance all come together- something beautiful is preserved.

Something we get to share with those not there to experience it first-hand.












Our Philosophy

There is no end to the world and its beauty.

Thoreau once said “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads”… and we are inclined to agree.

Our photos give us the opportunity to enjoy over and over again a memory of that scene, that sun, that water, that creature…

There is a masterpiece of beauty somewhere around every corner and we do our best to give you a front row seat for the show.









Our Work

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